Entry #1

I made a movie!!!

2009-09-27 23:49:09 by pottypoopoo

happy birhtday mary. feliz cumpleaños!
here i wrote for yo:

you are the wind, shuttered within the books you read
i admire your faith and punish your gods
but i love your spirit with all my heart now and forever
if you weren't here i would have jumped out,
all ready. ending the misery you pull me away from.

with luvs from me to youns
i made u a movie with jasmurlensflare (who is an ass-wipe), in only one day, i animated the whole. he just recorded his silly voice lololol

the flash (play me¡¡¡¡¡¡¡)

i wrote sex 200 times for you in a paper!!!! lolololol
(it's in spanish so it says "sexo" 200 times :)

I made a movie!!!


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2009-09-27 23:51:36

actally i think it's sexo 200 times it might be a lot moar!but then again who's counting.


2009-09-28 01:14:38

OR NOT COOS???????????

pottypoopoo responds:

ok, great!


2009-09-28 03:05:57

you sure did... you dirty scum-bog.... lul, you don't even know if it's really her birthday... that's why you're so funny i think....

pottypoopoo responds:

a friend with weed is better